Reach your financial goals with our tailored services.

I’ll always work with you to tailor a financial plan that helps you achieve what you want to do with your wealth.

Here are some of the most important ways I help.

Personalised Financial Advice

I never assume anything or adopt a one-sized fits all approach. Instead, I spend time asking questions so that I get to understand your financial goals and know what motivates you. Then, once I find out where you want to be financially I’ll tailor a comprehensive financial plan to give you the best possible chance of getting there.

Retirement Planning

Retirement should be a time when you leave behind the stress of work and enjoy the fruits of that labour. But building the retirement you deserve – and making sure your money lasts – must involve careful planning. That’s why I’ll develop a strategy for you that will build your wealth and minimise your tax before you retire, as well as helping you navigate the transition into retirement.

I’ll also help you answer the important pre-retirement questions including, ‘how do I want to spend my retirement’ and ‘how much will I need to achieve it?’ and most importantly give you an idea of ‘how long my money will last’

Wealth Creation and Investment

I believe your savings and investment plans should help you live the life you want, not hamper your ability to live. So I’ll help you develop a flexible wealth accumulation strategy that gives you the tomorrow you want without sacrificing too much today.

I’m an expert at using tax effective strategies, such as negative gearing, that help you minimise tax and maximise your wealth. I’m also committed to reviewing your plan on an ongoing basis to make sure it always continues to meet your needs.

Next Generation & Transition of Wealth

There’s nothing many of us want more from our wealth than for it to help the ones we love. So I offer advice that takes into account your whole family. I can show you how to plan for your children’s education, help you get your mortgage and household budget under control and make sure your wealth is passed down to your dependents in a tax-effective way. I can also provide specific advice on ageing parents, including the financial implications of aged care.


If, like most people, you’re using super to fund your retirement, it’s vital that you do everything you can to maximise your super balance. That includes consolidating your super balances to reduce fees.

It also includes boosting your super balance in a tax-effective way. I can design a strategy on how to utilise salary sacrifice and transition to retirement pensions to get more from your super. I can also help you work out whether your existing super and fund suits your needs.

Income & Asset Protection

Part of building wealth is being prepared for the worst. I can analyse your insurance to make sure that, even if the worst happens, your assets and income are safeguarded and you and your family are covered.

Aged Care

Early planning and good advice can minimise the stress for you and your family. You will be faced with many personal and financial decisions. Let me help you navigate through the aged care maze.

Estate Planning

For many of us, building wealth isn’t simply about providing for ourselves, but making sure our loved ones are looked after when we’re gone. I can help you make sure your assets go to the right people at the right time, so that your intentions are carried out effectively and your beneficiaries aren’t left paying unnecessary tax.

Superannuation and Pension Reviews

Both our circumstances and the markets continually change. I can help you review your superannuation and pension to make sure they continue to meet your needs.

Centrelink Planning

Centrelink entitlements and payments can be an important part of our income, especially when we retire. But understanding your entitlements and navigating the red tape so that you start receiving them can be confusing.

I’ll show you how to maximise your Centrelink payments so that you make sure you’re receiving everything you’re entitled to. I can also help you find, complete and lodge the forms you’ll need to make a claim.

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