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The Financial Lifestyle Managers’ philosophy

The more control you have over your finances, the more control you have over your life. That’s what three decades as a financial adviser has revealed to me, time and time again.

After all, every major life decision we make – from where we live, to when we stop working – has a strong financial element to it. When our finances are secure, we can stop stressing about the day-to-day.

Our choices open up, our world expands and we give ourselves the opportunity to live the life we really want.

And that ability to choose becomes more important still when we’re retired or thinking about retirement.

You’ll have every part of your finances working to give you greater control.

That’s why, when we first meet, I’ll do everything I can to find out what matters most to you. Then I’ll help you build and implement a financial roadmap that gives you the choices you want when it comes to these parts of your life.

I’ll take an integrated approach to your finances which includes getting you to where you want by designing a portfolio that meets what and where you are comfortable investing, as well as analysing how you can reduce your tax and maximising any Centrelink benefits you may be entitled to.

CFP® Grad.Dip.FP

Louise Parker

Principal / Financial Adviser

I’ve been involved in financial planning since 1989. Over that time I’ve helped countless people imagine and then build a brighter financial future for themselves and their family. At over 30 years in the business I still derive enormous satisfaction and am passionate with assisting my clients achieve their financial goals.

I joined Financial Lifestyle Managers in 2004 after working for both AMP and Westpac. I immediately fell in love with the business – so much so that I bought it in 2006. In 2012, after six years of growing the client base and helping hundreds of people build a more secure financial future, I merged with FMD. After 2 and a half years I then began a new business in April 2015 and re-started Financial Lifestyle Managers, to enable me to concentrate again on helping clients achieve their dreams.

“I care about having clients for life. My business has been built on my reputation for caring for our customers.”

- Louise Parker

Adv. Dip. FS(FP) | AFP®

Bryan Graham

Financial Adviser

Over the last two decades in the financial planning industry, I’ve seen too many people leave it until just a couple of years out from retirement to get advice, wishing they’d taken action sooner.

I unravel the confusing and complex world of money by keeping things simple and explaining things in plain English. No jargon or complicated strategies. Just straightforward advice and support to make the most of every dollar you earn.

Whilst it’s never too late to get advice, I like to start working with clients in their 40s and 50s, so we can use time to our advantage to make the most of tax, super and investment opportunities.

As a husband and dad of four kids, I understand the challenges of juggling a career with raising a family, all while keeping my finger on the pulse financially.

“What keeps me motivated is an unwavering focus on building a life of freedom and flexibility for my family and my clients.”

- Bryan Graham

Marj Navaja

Team Manager

For the past 9 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of people, from teaching young children for 4 years to managing and training a team for 5 years.

And with those incredible journeys, I’ve learned that caring is a powerful force. It instils a deep sense of responsibility to bring out the best in others while nurturing my own personal and professional growth. And in this new role, I am honestly grateful for the opportunity to channel this passion.

“ Guided by the wisdom and love of my grandparents, I am driven by a deep desire to reciprocate it in a way I know they would find meaningful. This passion fuels my commitment to aiming to make a meaningful impact.”

- Marj Navaja

Ann Piedad

Junior Paraplanner

I spent almost 8 years as a customer service representative in the healthcare industry, developing my communication skills and gaining a deep understanding of the field. Now, as I begin my new career as a Junior Paraplanner in the financial industry, I am excited to utilise my extensive background to provide clients with exceptional service and support.

“ Transitioning into a new chapter in my career journey, I am eager to take on new challenges and apply my skills to make a meaningful impact in the world of financial planning.”

- Ann Piedad

Aljun Alberando

Financial Planning Officer

Working in the financial industry presents unique challenges, especially considering my previous experience in the BPO sector. However, my 8 years of experience in the BPO industry have equipped me with valuable skills that can be leveraged to provide exceptional support and services to clients in the financial sector.

I am well-prepared to tackle the demands of this new career path, demonstrating my focus, determination, and enthusiasm. 

“ I am excited to embrace the challenges that lie ahead and make a positive impact both within the organisation and for our valued clients.”

- Aljun Alberando

Janice Christine Vento

Junior Paraplanner

With a wealth of experience in Customer Service and Quality Assurance, coupled with a strong background in Finance Coordination and Bookkeeping, I am now poised to embrace a new chapter in the financial industry. 

“ I approach this fresh opportunity with excitement and determination, ready to take on challenges and make a meaningful impact. Let’s embark on this journey together!”

- Janice Christine Vento

Junel Almendras

Financial Planning Officer

With over 13 years of invaluable experience in the BPO industry, I’ve honed a diverse skill set that has equipped me to handle a wide range of challenges. I’ve interacted with a multitude of individuals and successfully navigated complex customer and client interactions, making me a seasoned professional in this dynamic field. Now, I am entering a new journey in my life as a financial lifestyle officer and will commence with new challenges.

I will continue to display my professionalism in this new role and be a great asset to the team.

“ Taking care of clients is a reflection of taking care of yourself, as their satisfaction nurtures your success.”

- Junel Almendras

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