Anti-spoof & Phishing Policy

This Anti-Spoof & Phishing Policy details domains controlled and operated by our organisation and the policies that have been applied to each domain.

This policy is a reference point for all internet users to check as to how we use and protect our domains.

This policy lists which domains and external services we use to send email.

If you receive emails or links that try to represent our domains in an unauthorised manner please check this policy and if you are still unsure please contact us to confirm the legitimacy of the email, link or web page.

  1. – is our website and you can utilise Calendly to make and arrange appointments or phone calls
  2. &  – is used to send email to our clients from our My prosperity / FLM App or just a straight email from us
  3. – is the FLM App which can be utilised on a laptop or desktop by accessing this link
  4. & – is a no return email address for reminders that we send and chats from the FLM App/ My Prosperity portal
  5. – is an email from True Profile from this address for you to complete the following and click on this next link
  6. – is a quiz tool we use with True Profile email will send you to complete the risk assessment quiz tool that simulates a windfall


We may occasionally send SMSes from 0416 157 972.

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